“In risk management, there’s no substitute for experience”

Experience Sets Us Apart

Development of Prism Data began in 2016 with the same team behind Petal, a responsible credit card designed for underserved consumers.

At that time, new and alternative sources of consumer financial information were just starting to become digitally accessible.

We pioneered automated cash flow underwriting using digital deposit account data as a means to expand access to credit for the tens of millions of consumers who lack traditional credit history.

Maturity, Reliability, Compliance, and Predictive-Power

The first credit products powered by Prism Data were launched in 2018.

Powering billions in credit card originations, we had ample opportunity to test, learn, and iterate. Our approach has withstood economic cycles, regulatory scrutiny, and extensive use by real consumers.

With the rise of open banking and increasing interest in cash flow underwriting, Prism spun out of Petal in early 2023. Our models quickly expanded to incorporate data from a consortium of partners, spanning many lenders, products, and segments.  

Today, Prism offers cash flow underwriting infrastructure and analytics with robust capabilities and powerful predictive insights.

Interested in learning more about our journey to launch Prism Data? Check out this blog post from our Founder and CEO, Jason Rosen.
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Prism Data is made up of data scientists, software engineers, risk managers, and operators working with partners to create innovative and inclusive financial products. If you’re interested in being part of the team, we’d love to hear from you! Email us your resume and let us know how you’d like to get involved.