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Cash Flow

Unlock the value in financial transaction data.

Leverage cash flow underwriting to better predict credit default risk, protect against first-party fraud, and score missing- and thin-file consumers.
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Refine and categorize disorganized transaction data to generate clean, simple, and accurate account activity suitable for underwriting.
Surface over 15k trended attributes describing financial status, such as liquid assets, spending patterns, and obligations like rent and BNPL usage.
Validate gross and net pay, income stability, employment, and multiple income sources beyond just the paycheck.

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Open banking has arrived. Whether you’re in banking, lending, real estate, personal finance, or insurance, Prism Data provides you with a powerful opportunity to do more with consumer-permissioned data.

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Easy Integration

Available through a secure, single-endpoint API, and off-the-shelf through a growing number of aggregators, decision engines, CRAs, and core processors.
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import prism_data

api_key = "12345"
client = prism_data.client(api_key)

categories = client.categories(transactions)

features = client.features(transactions)

derived_income = client.derived_income(transactions)

cash_score = client.cash_score(transactions)
Prism Data is compatible with leading data aggregators and all standard DDA file formats.
Compliance First
FCRA and ECOA compliant solution with Adverse Action reason codes provided. Models undergo rigorous Fair Lending review and have been shown not to create disparate impact.
Robust Governance
Full model governance documentation available. Approved vendor to major financial institutions, CRAs, and top sponsor banks.
Prism does not process or store PII. Data is protected behind disk-level encryption in a SOC2-compliant environment.

Safe and Secure

Our solutions are purpose built for bank-grade regulatory compliance and data security standards.

Why Prism?

Prism Data empowers businesses to serve more customers, build better products, and make smarter decisions.
Approve More Customers
Approve more customers already in your funnel and expand your addressable market.
Your Losses
Improve your credit decisioning and reduce losses across the credit spectrum
Get to Market
Eliminate months of unnecessary data science and development time.
Based on data from Prism clients and backtest studies.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Does Prism Data comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act?

Yes, Prism is FCRA- and ECOA-compliant. CashScore can be used for approve, decline, and pricing decisions, with Adverse Action reason codes provided. Prism’s models undergo rigorous Fair Lending review and have been shown not to create disparate impact.

I'm interested in an enterprise partnership or in reselling Prism Data's products. How do I contact you?

We’d be excited to hear from you. Please ‍

and someone from our team will be in touch.

How does CashScore compare with a traditional credit score?

CashScore® by Prism Data predicts the probability of credit default, just like a traditional credit score, but based on deposit account data rather than credit history. CashScore has proven to be just as predictive as traditional credit scores when used on its own, and orthogonal to traditional scores when used in combination with them, resulting in significantly increased predictive power. CashScore also allows underwriters to score consumers that lack traditional credit history. You can read more about CashScore here.

Does Prism Data provide consumer financial transaction data?

No, Prism Data helps partners analyze deposit account data they’ve already obtained. Prism Data is compatible with leading financial transaction data aggregators and all standard DDA file formats. We’re also integrated with a growing number of aggregators, decision engines, CRAs, and core providers.